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Working on a fair service providing policy; we at DAZZLE always work on innovative and creative ideas for handling the complications. With the past several experience in dealing with huge and heavy jobs we are now expertise in Coating Systems for Giants.

Started working with heavy in early nineties; we always have adopted unique methods of applications every time as per the demands. Corelating between expectations, innovations and compatibility have always been our three-point formula.

Distributor Assembly for Rocket Propellant was yet another challenging story. Individual job weighing 9 Tons, 4 meters in dia. & 2 meters in height; to be coated externally with uniform thickness. With our dedicated workforce and commitment to work, we finished the job well in time.

The containers & reacting vessels writes a separate chapter in log of successes. The largest one we have coated is 1.5 meters * 3 meters & 4 meters deep. A special remote operated automatic coating deposition system was adopted for it and was successfully implemented also. We have used fluoropolymers as well as polymer based resins for the coating of same.

The Impeller story. The impeller was made up with several spare parts assembled together. Considering the draft angle and the individual movement of each part it has to be coated in one piece. Applying multiple layers of coatings with inter molecular bonding technology. We finished the work all in suspended hanging style.

Working on a MS Sieve Plate was never an easy job. M.S. Plate, 3 meters in dia., 100mmthick, with 7500 see thru perforations was successfully done Teflon® Coating. We have always understood the right method for application of resins for uniform and defect free coating surface.

Moreover; Huge Dies, Casings, Extrusion Mandrels, Plates, Rollers etc. will be a topic of separate issue. For our new project we have increased our handling and coating capacity for an individual job weighing 18 Ton. 4 meters in dia. & 6 meters in length. With some of the cases shared and many unshared, today, undoubtedly we are a leading industry with heavy handling and coating capacity.

Believing in ourselves we proudly can say ‘whatever your job may be, heavy or complicated, we will do it.’


In other words High Performance Coatings for perfect protection. This based on its unique polysilazane technology platform, it offers a wide range of products specifically designed to form extremely thin yet durable matrix layers that can be employed as coatings, composite resins or ceramic precursors.

It may be fingerprints on chrome, graffiti on platform or walls, scratches on energy collectors or tarnished metal…; one coating system provides solution for all these problems. In short it is a multifunctional coating system available in both, transparent and colored.

Properties and advantages:

  • Permanent Conservation for Various Surfaces:
    It protects nearly all kinds of surfaces against paints, soil, weathering or scratching. These thin coatings can conserve a perfect new look of surfaces for ages.
  • Anti Graffiti Effect:
    Its easy to clean effect enables significant reduction of cleaning times and consumption of cleaning agents Plus downtimes needed to clean or to remove graffiti can be reduced significantly.
  • Protection Against Alkali & Acids:
    Inorganic NANO coatings protect metals and marble against alkali & acids. They have excellent gas barrier properties & forms silica glass like layers as well.
  • Corrosion Resistance / Anti Tarnish:
    The Ultra Thin NANO coating is a specialized formula to permanently protect exterior metal surfaces against paints, corrosion, weathering & UV as well.
  • High Flame Retardancy / Low Smoke Generation:
    NANO resins can be successfully formulated for excellent flame proofing properties, decreased smoke emission and adjustable process ability.


We are pleased to introduce our various Food Grade Non-Stick Coating Systems (PTFE) for different Bake Wares, Utensils and Food Related Articles made from steel, non ferrous metals, light alloys and ceramic materials. It is a solvent based PTFE coating system formulated with organic & inorganic heat stable bonding agents offering a very low coefficient of friction even at higher temperatures.

We at DAZZLE like to say “We are not in the business of selling coatings. We are in the business of solving problems of our customers.” This philosophy has led us to the development of many different coatings. In fact we are the only service providing industry in the market of RECOATING of pre used stuff and that too with a standard one year warranty.

The coating’s chief benefit, of course is a easy release – which meant easy cleaning for housewives. That is a trendsetter in the market. Whether it may be Bake ware, Mini Ovens, Grills, Toasters, Kettles, Cookware, Cookware Lids or Hotplates / Hot Rollers; this coating system is an integral part of a Food Sector.


  • Outstanding Resistance to Abrasion
  • Non-Stick / Excellent Release
  • Superb Adhesion to the Surface
  • High Temperature Compatible
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe


It’s always been out motto to provide coating solutions with technologically advanced systems. Based on the same, we introduce a very useful, efficient & unique technology of ‘METALLIZING’. Basic principle of metalizing consists of, bringing the metal to be coated to its molten form, atomizing it to a fine stream of particles and propelling the fine particles at a high velocity to the substrate & finally adheres to it.

Crankshaft coatings or coating for Crankshaft rebuilding purpose is an ideal example of its kind. The crankshaft journals are subject to wear due to continuous use under heavy load. This coating provides excellent adhesion to the base and works very efficiently under extreme load and rpm. Giving distortion free metal coatings; this technique is truly a life savior for the areas subject to wear.

The technique is widely used for rebuilding of metal surface over metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Depending upon the choice of coating metal, it can be used for hardening of surface, to prevent wear & tear, corrosion protection, high temperature applications etc.

Salient features:

  • Thickness built up to and over 5000 µm on applications such as Crank Shaft, Shafts, spindles & rollers etc.
  • Excellent wear resistance, machiniability & porous free surface finish.
  • Coating of any metal over any material with multiple layers including coatings on wood, glass, ceramics, plastic etc.
  • Technologically very safe & advanced, giving NO distortion to original properties of base & gives grate life with compared to traditional coatings.
  • Size, shape & weight of job is no bar.

Available in range of materials such as Stainless steel, high/low carbon steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass Molybdenum, Nickel, Tin, Zinc, Alluminium, Stellite, Inconel etc. A lot more variety in alloys with combination of Tungsten carbide, Cobalt & ceramics; plus various forms of oxides.

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